Case Study: R-Pharm

When a contract manufacturer thinks of automation, what first comes to mind is flexibility. With 400 vials per minute and over 20 different formats, the implemented system is one of the most flexible machines developed in recent years.

Compartment cartons with a vial content of up to 50 ct. of hospital supplies – vials, syringes and combination packs – anything is possible on this machine.

Schubert-Pharma configured this flexible packaging line for its customer R-Pharm. As a complementary service to machine delivery, the entire range of packaging materials, including carton design and initial procurement were handled as well.

 The packaging solution for up to 400 vials per minute consists of the following steps and functions:

  • Feeding the products via turntables or inline from the labeler
  • Mix-up control in the case of bulk feeding
  • Erecting the top-load cartons
  • Making compartments available
  • Loading the compartment or individual cartons
  • Adding the information leaflet
  • Closing the cartons with the hinged lid
  • Coding the individual boxes with cartridge printers
  • Print verification and data management
  • Forwarding to the downstream transport logistics